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MGT602 - Entrepreneurship - Lecture Handout 39

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DECISIONS (Continued….)


The entrepreneur will generally need to establish procedures and criteria for hiring new employees.

Advertising in local newspapers and referrals from friends and associates is most effective for entry-level positions. For senior management the most effective strategy is networking with friends and business associates. Personnel agencies may also be considered if there are no other effective options.

Once resumes have been collected some basis of determining each candidate’s strengths should be made.

Some criteria must be used in the resume evaluation. Factors such as education, prior experience, entrepreneurial activities, and interests can be used to assess candidates. From the initial screening of resumes, a few candidates can be invited in for an interview. Most firms use an interview form with critical factors listed for evaluating the interview candidates. The goal should be to hire not only the best candidate but also someone who will perform well in the entrepreneurial environment and provide a long-term solution to the available position.

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MGT604 - Management of Financial Institutions - Lecture Handout 27

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Mutual Funds

Investing In International Mutual Funds

Investing in international mutual funds has two faces:

  • First is buying funds from US based companies that buy and manage portfolio in internationally listed stocks/securities. These companies are governed by regulations of SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission)
  • Second is buying mutual funds from international non US companies.

A word of caution before investing even in best international mutual funds - Unlike domestic mutual funds investment, international investments entail additional risk factors such as economic and political in addition to risk of FOREX value (simply put: foreign currency exchange value) fluctuations.

Why Should You Invest In International Opportunities?

The number of funds in international investing is on the rise. We can cite a few reasons for this.

  • Removal of trade barriers and expanding of economies have sparked off growth in many non-US companies.
  • Some of the major industries of the world are dominated by non US companies.
  • Over 72% of the world stocks are listed out side US.
  • Greater and true diversification and opportunity to capitalize on best overseas companies.

Investing in international mutual funds is gaining popularity for various reasons. Rising political stability merging or opening of borders and currencies are some of the reasons. Vibrant and upcoming economies and non US corporations becoming financially stronger by the day are some of the reasons. In addition you get true diversification, balance and

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