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» 11am - Jul 3, 2010
Dialog Box Templates, Dialog Box Templates Styles, Dialog Box Measurements, Dialog Box Controls, Dialog Box Window Menu, Dialog Box Fonts, Templates In Memory, When To Use A Dialogbox, Dialog Box Owner Window, Creating Modal Dialog, Dialog Procedure, The Wm_Initdialog Message, Using Dialog Procedure, Screen Shot Of About Modal Dialog, Dialog Box Messages And Functions, Retrieve Handle Of The Control, Set Window Text, Retrieve The Identifier Of The Specified Control, Retrieve The Text Associated With The Specified Control In Dialog, Sends A Message To The Specified Control In A Dialog Box, Setting Or Getting Text Associated With A Window Or Control, Set Or Retrieve Current Selection In An Edit Control, Creating Modeless Dialog, Showing Modeless Dialog, Processing Dialog Messages, Message Loop To Dispatch Messages To A Modeless Dialog, Windows Common Dialogs, Open File Dialog, Choose Font Dialog, Choose Color Dialog, Print Dialog.
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