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» 11am - Jul 3, 2010
Keyboard Input Model, Keyboard Focus And Activation, Keystroke Messages, System And Non System Keystrokes, Virtual Key Codes Described, Keystroke Message Flags, Character Messages, Non-System Character Messages, Dead-Character Messages, Key Status, Key Stroke And Character Translations, Hot-Key Support, Languages, Locals, And Keyboard Layouts, Keyboard Messages (Brief), Key Down Message Format, Character Message Format, Getting Key State, Character Message Processing, Caret, Caret Visibility, Caret Blink Time, Caret Position, Caret Functions, Mouse, Mouse Cursor, Mouse Capture, Mouse Configuration, Mouse Messages, Client Area Mouse Messages, Message Parameters, Double Click Messages, Non Client Area Mouse Messages, The Wm_Nchittest Message, Screen And Client Area Coordinates.
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