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MGT520 - International Business - Lecture Handout 37

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Reasons for Host Nation Intervention:

Balance of Payments:

  1. Many governments see intervention as the only way to keep their balance of payments under control.
  2. Countries get a balance-of-payments boost from initial FDI flows into their economies. Local content requirements can lower imports, providing a balance-of-payments boost. Exports generated by production resulting from FDI can help the balance-of-payments position.
  3. When companies repatriate profits, they deplete the foreign exchange reserves of their host countries; these capital outflows decrease the balance of payments. To avoid this, the host nation may prohibit or restrict the no domestic company from removing profits.
  4. Alternatively, host countries conserve their foreign exchange reserves when international companies reinvest their earnings in local manufacturing facilities. This improves the competitiveness of local producers and boosts a host nation’s exports—improving its balance-ofpayments position.

Obtain Resources and Benefits:

Access to Technology:

Nations encourage FDI in technology because it increases productivity and competitiveness.

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MGT602 - Entrepreneurship - Lecture Handout 41

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DECISIONS (Continued….)


The entrepreneur may need to borrow funds to finance assets and meet cash needs. Fixed assets are usually financed by long-term debt borrowed from a bank. Alternatives include borrowing from family members, having partners contribute more funds or selling corporate stock. Many of these options require the entrepreneur to give up some equity.


An interim income statement helps to compare the actual with the budgeted amount for that period. The most effective use of the interim income statement is to establish cost standards and compare the actual with the budgeted amount for that time period. Costs are budgeted based on percentages of net sales. These percentages can be compared with actual percentages to see where tighter cost controls may be necessary. This lets the entrepreneur manage and control costs before it is too late. In later years, it is also helpful to look back on the first year of operation and make comparisons month-to-month. When expenses or costs are much higher than budgeted, the entrepreneur may need to determine the exact cause. Comparison of actual and budgeted expenses can be misleading for ventures with multiple products or services. For financial reporting purposes, the income statement summarizes expenses across all products and services.
This does not indicate the marketing cost for each product nor should the most profitable product. Allocating expenses over product lines be done as effectively as possible to avoid arbitrary allocation of costs.

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