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CS606 - Compiler Construction - Lecture Handout 32

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Evaluation Methods

A number of ways can be used to evaluate the attributes. When using Dynamic method, the compiler application builds the parse tree and then builds the dependence graph. A topological sort of the graph is carried out and attributes are evaluated or defined in topological order. In rule-based (or treewalk) methodology, the attribute rules are analyzed at compiler-generation time. A fixed (static) ordering is determined and the nodes in the dependency graph are evaluated this order. In oblivious (passes, dataflow) methodology, the attribute rules and parse tree are ignored. A convenient order is picked at compiler design time and used.

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MGT411 - Money & Banking - Lecture Handout 27

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  • Non-depository Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Securities Firms
  • Finance Companies
  • Government Sponsored Enterprises

Non-depository Institutions

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